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Our AI experts develop tailor-made artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for our customers based on the best international large language models (, Meta and many more) in the industry. Increased efficiency, process optimization, AI-based customer communication and much more.
Hosting the LLM models & AI solutions on private servers protects your know-how.

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Tech Stack

Conversational AI or LLM (Large Language Model)

At Diamir, we rely on modern language models such as ChatGPT, Llama2 and Gemini to enable human-like conversations and interactions in our chatbots. These AI models understand natural language and help companies provide superior service to their customers.

Scalable backend solutions

Our backend is based on NestJS, a flexible framework for server-side applications. In this way, we provide a robust and scalable infrastructure that ensures efficient processing of requests and communication with our language models and databases.

Vector database

We use vector databases to quickly and efficiently retrieve relevant information from large data sets. This technology allows our chatbots to provide answers tailored to users’ needs.

Interactive user interfaces

Our chatbots and applications are integrated into our customers’ existing interfaces and are often developed with ReactJS. This powerful framework allows us to design user-friendly and dynamic user interfaces that make it easier to interact with the AI models.

AI development process

DIAMIR uses a development process that has been tried and tested over many years

1. Requirement Engineering

Definition & documentation of the actual requirements for the AI solution

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2. Koncept

Structured & tested process for defining the optimal user experience

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3. Software architecture

Analysis of your existing architecture and selection of the optimal setup for the AI.

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4. Programming

Programming the custom AI solution based on existing LLMs and the concept.

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5. Quality Assurance

Detailed testing of the AI solution, internally and externally.

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6. Optimization

On going and constant further development of the developed solution.

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